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Audit and Assurance

We don't just tell you what you already know.

Talley provides our clients with much more than an audited, reviewed, or compiled financial statement. Through professional quality standards and in-depth analysis of your company, we provide our clients an insight as to their internal controls, operating efficiencies, and exposure to high-risk areas. We work with our clients to transfer our expertise to our client’s staff, delivering best of breed systems and processes.

“Our Assurance practice delivers quality financial reports that our clients and their key stakeholders can rely upon with confidence. We help them interpret data to improve their productivity, resource development, and overall profitability.”

  • Assist and develop cash flow projections

  • Perform operational and compliance audits

  • Activity-based cost accounting

  • Compile, review and audit financial statements

  • Assist in development of the structure of general ledgers and charts of accounts

  • Develop accounting policies and procedures

  • Employee searches

  • Computerized input of all journal transactions and generation of computerized financial statements

  • Fraud prevention services

What We Do...

Thomas Champieux, CPA

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