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Current State Assessment

We know that as a business owner you want to be confident in your internal accounting processes. In order to to do that, you need internal accounting systems that keep your business profitable and growing. The issue is that your current situation does not meet management's expectations, which makes you feel uncertain and concerned about your financials. We believe you should know what is going on and what you need to do to fix any problems. We understand what it is like to not feel confident in your current accounting processes, which is why we have guided hundreds of businesses to be informed and aware of where they need to focus.

Group 11 Advisors will conduct an assessment of the internal processes and procedures of your company. This process will consist of an onsite review of the current accounting and reporting processes of the company's business activities. We will work with the members of your company to review the current policies and procedures of the organization as well as assess the flow of information and any potential changes or improvements that might be made.

Our deliverables include: 

  • Documentation of internal responsibilities

    • Individual job responsibilities

    • Depth of knowledge of individuals involved in the financial reporting process

    • Primary responsibilities of the internal reporting personnel

    • Tools with which information is produced

    • Capabilities and limitations of individuals involved in the process

    • Recommendations for potential improvement

  • Work/Sales order production, invoicing, and collections processes

  • Purchase order, vendor management, and distribution processes

  • Payroll processes

  • Inventory and cost of sales processes

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