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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is taking a unique initiative by sending an additional round of mail to taxpayers in various states impacted by natural disasters. The communication aims to inform recipients about the extended deadline for their tax payments. This announcement follows a recent IRS statement on Wednesday.

The targeted recipients are residents in California and seven other states recognized as disaster areas. They received a CP14 notice from the IRS in late May and June, which is a mandatory legal notice sent to taxpayers with due balances. Contrary to the notice's initial indication to pay within 21 days, those taxpayers who are under the disaster declaration have an extended deadline, set for later this year.

Motivated by the broad reach of disaster declarations and valuable partner feedback, the IRS is issuing a second communication, CP14CL, to these taxpayers. Over the coming weeks, these mailings, available in both English and Spanish, will be dispatched. The initiative is a response to the confusion caused by the first mailings and a reflection of the IRS's commitment to being more taxpayer-focused.

IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel said, "The IRS is earnestly striving to enhance our operations as part of our new Strategic Operating Plan. We acknowledge that our initial mailing caused confusion for taxpayers and tax professionals, leading us to quickly send a subsequent reminder for reassurance. This additional mail reflects our endeavor to be more taxpayer-centric, given the increased resources provided to us under the Inflation Reduction Act."

The IRS notice includes more detailed information to help taxpayers understand the disaster relief granted to them. It clarifies that the registered address of the recipients situates them in federally declared disaster areas, thus making them eligible for automatic disaster relief. This implies additional time to file tax returns and settle tax payments as outlined in the CP14 Notices, without needing to contact the IRS. Additionally, the IRS has revised the insert for future CP14 balance-due notices to emphasize that the stipulated payment date in the letter does not apply to those covered by a disaster declaration and that disaster deadlines remain valid.

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