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Wealth Management



At Talley, we have one clear mission: To assist our clients in achieving their investment objectives with a focus on managing portfolio risk. Our commitment is to place fiduciary responsibility above all else.

We believe that providing peace of mind is essential in helping clients make the right decisions, especially when emotions might persuade them to do otherwise. Managing portfolio volatility and having clear communication is paramount in that vein.

Wealth Management

To us, wealth management is executed most effectively for clients when advanced planning, a focus on wealth enhancement, wealth protection and wealth transfer is married with asset management.

The very foundation of wealth management is the ability to truly know and understand each of our clients. This means comprehending not just their financial goals and challenges, but who they are as people including their most important values and motivations. To determine our clients’ needs, we must comprehend the entire picture of their family wealth. This goes far beyond specific asset management or estate planning requirements and into the realm of our clients’ most important values, relationships and lifelong dreams.


Investment Services

Investment decisions are made at the investment committee level to ensure all clients get the best thinking of the firm. The investment committee, chaired by the firm’s Chief Investment Officer, comprises eight portfolio managers and analysts with 25 years’ experience on average.

Our portfolio construction begins with a strategy seeking to harness opportunities across the full spectrum of global asset classes. We build globally diversified portfolios rooted in our belief that portfolio structure is the single most important element to creating a successful investment strategy. In order to achieve risk-managed equity returns, capital must be deployed around the globe to reach assets with high real return. We blend active management of global large cap equities with exchange traded funds (ETFs) to construct global equity portfolios. We utilize ETFs as a means to access capital markets and asset classes that enhance the return of portfolios and may reduce risk expressed in terms of return variability. Using asset classes that behave differently in the short-run and systematically rebalancing can enhance returns and reduce risk


In our efforts, we tailor each account to the particular client’s financial goals, risk-tolerance levels, tax status, spending needs and special situations. Our global investment strategies position us to meet client preferences that vary along the risk-return spectrum. Combining asset classes in a single optimized portfolio offers distinctly superior performance potential. For the fixed income portion of the account: foremost is safety of principal, while generating a reliable stream of income. History has shown that in times of equity market volatility, bonds prove to be the best stabilizer of return, in fact producing real (net of inflation) return during those times.

Managing investment portfolios for individuals and private families has its own set of peculiarities – this is private wealth management. Portfolio design and investment policy are affected by the investor’s views and circumstances with respect to:
• Return and spending requirements
• Risk tolerance
• Taxation
• Investment horizon (time)
• Liquidity needs
• Legal structures and requirements • Individual circumstances

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